Play The Room

by Thomas John Cadrin

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Simply put, this is me in a room playing some of my songs. None of them are perfect, but I think all of them capture the room well.

Recorded from 12 midnight - 6am in live one-takes on June 25th, 2013 @ The Record Company, Inc., Dorchester, Mass.

All music & lyrics by Thomas John Cadrin
Engineer, mixing & mastering by Andrew Nault
Cover Art: Union Press, Somerville, MA


released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Thomas John Cadrin Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Victory March
Somewhere in the steam
of that victory march that rolls
round my head, I've found the secret and
I'm earning a smile the longer I keep.

Somewhere in that steam
a rolling victory march fills
everyone's chest with rhythm and a secret
and they're earning a smile
the longer they keep.

Black boots in my mind make me feel all right inside
and I know that If my mind and my mouth don't coincide
I'll never make it out of town alive.
Track Name: Separation Situation
I need some separation from the situation
I'm gonna lay my life out in front of me
Cause its the problem with proximity that
I can't deal with.
Take your lust tactics to the window
and show them what you want to be
all that's through the glass is deceiving,
filing lines up your nose.

so let me step away, just being so close
makes me narrow sighted and in a sense
I sense a certain degree of immediacy that
i shouldn't deal with when making
these kinds of choices.

I'm off and out to find the next thing that moves
strike a conversation about anything but you and i
what we were was a lie, or so it seems right now.

Now do you believe in me,
ms sweet denise?
Caught by the moon with audience of stars
with her mother and father's car
she won't get as far as she'd hoped she'd be.
Track Name: My Eyes Are A Frame
Off and on now on off and on I’m
Sleeping with the songs and
Some are getting jealous now
The others aren’t getting along and
One offers another piece of the puzzle that’s
Soggy from the struggle and
There’s a mandolin in there somewhere I’ve got to
Pull it out, before the rain starts to flake,
I’ve got to pull it out.

Make things look nicely when
Looking for an inference and
Live life with your eyes closed and
Try to tell the different. Now my
Mind and memory are projecting in front of
Me like Polaroids in the sky and I
Like to stare at what isn’t there or at
Only the things that of which I am aware
‘cause I’m watching it all
Happen from the back of my head.

Everything’s so alive with the wantingness to die.
Track Name: Losing A Better Place
Just bite your lip
and hold your tongue
see what's ahead of your cause
fore too long you might
know someone else in your shoes.
But now I'm so floored
by your simple melodies and
interminglings, and your eyes tell it all.

you're losing a better place
and myself along the way

now that you're gone
i've got no need for these calls or
awkward stumblings through our past
cause they mean nothing at all.
so stay to whats true, the honest truth,
not what they say to do
use your heart as a compass and you can have it all

you're losing a better place and
myself along the way.

i was so concerned about
what you were that i didnt seem to learn
that your heart was an offer
that i just ignored.

nothing's as bad as it seems
when you take this whole thing apart to
see what it means.
you've got your whole life ahead
so live it while you can.
just bite your lip and hold your tongue and
maybe we can have it all.
Track Name: Thoughtless Saints
Let the world slip away
and push back the colors
invading your mind's stay;
you know they're nothing
but an ordinary waste of time.

Streak the sky with you
fingers high and drag the clouds
like an electric phantom mouse;
you know they're not really there.

Breathe until there's nothing left
strive for depths that have drowned the rest
and cherish the release of letting go
& join the ranks of the thoughtless saints

I've found my way back home
and I know that I'll never make it alone
unless I find myself back to a place that's known.