Nothing is Hidden

by Thomas John Cadrin

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A lot of time and care has been put into this so please; please, take the time and enjoy it.


released May 23, 2011

Recorded at Zing Studios in Westfield, Mass., The Runyon Estate in Boston, Mass. and Los Angeles, California between the Springs of 2010-2011. While at Zing, Eric Arena was head engineer and technician. Farin Hoover in Boston. Gavin Paddock Mixed and made beautiful everything the engineers “took down,” so to speak.

All songs written by The Neighbors.
All lyrics by T. John Cadrin.

Percussion, Noise – David Crepeault
Bass, Trumpet – Alex Rossiter
Guitar, Noise and Vocals – T. John Cadrin
Solo-Soul-Electric-Lead-Line, Organ, Synths, All Midi’ing for Unlikely - Eric Arena
Evil Shred Nasty for Wealth - Randy Runyon



all rights reserved


Thomas John Cadrin Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: For The Birds
This is a hard time to be pressed down and
If you push any harder I’ma crack like the
Birds on the ground, who,
Falling hard from their limbs
Don’t have any wings to save their soulds, no,
The wind’s all gone from their mouths and their life’s blown out.
The snow’s all gone now,
I can feel my feet in the dirt, with
The morning sun ushered through a millions
Composed and sewn returning chirps, who,
Left me for winter without a single farewell and
Returned like nothing’s happened with
A sweet song to make everything all right,
But it’s not all right, all right?

Give me your static, your vibrant greens
Your lean blues and everything in between.
Do you know how hard it’s been
Being without you for so long?
Making my way through this soundless world in
A landscape devoid of color – it’s grey.
Will you be my stimulation?
This one’s for the birds.
Track Name: Wealth is an Interpretation
If I were to be your hero
Would you be alone
In all that you think that I am?
There’s a prison on your pedestal
That you put me on without asking me.
If you pressed a little more
Would I squeeze out the way you
Shaped me?

Who is not afraid to break the mold?
I know it’s hard and cold being
All alone but the reward is much
Stronger than the lonesome heart it holds.

I’ve got a pocket full of gold rings and
Bands of invaluable things but as
Wealth is an interpretation
I have nothing.
Track Name: My Eyes are a Frame
Off and on now on off and on I’m
Sleeping with the songs and
Some are getting jealous now
The others aren’t getting along and
One offers another piece of the puzzle that’s
Soggy from the struggle and
There’s a mandolin in there somewhere I’ve got to
Pull it out, before the rain starts to flake,
I’ve got to pull it out.

Make things look nicely when
Looking for an inference and
Live life with your eyes closed and
Try to tell the different. Now my
Mind and memory are projecting in front of
Me like Polaroids in the sky and I
Like to stare at what isn’t there or at
Only the things that of which I am aware
‘cause I’m watching it all
Happen from the back of my head.

Everything’s so alive with the wantingness to die.
Track Name: Sinner and a Liar
Do what you do but
don’t look and don’t think of me,
I want to be left alone ‘cause
I may say things that
Sound like a prophecy but I’m a
Sinner & A Liar like anyone.

I never listen to myself or my songs
But the words are sung to all those involved
So I’m entwined in their meanings
Because they’re mine –
These chords have judgmental eyes.

Now I’ma do what I’ma do but I won’t
Get attached again to this version of myself
‘cause once I think I know it all I collapse:
I’ma Sinner & A Liar like anyone.

And if you’re afraid of being alone
It’s because you’re not free –
Take a look at your life and
Find out what’s truly inside.
Track Name: Unlikely Human Condition
I’m too late for love and
Too late for unattached action but
I get a small satisfaction
From these little uninvited rendezvous and
I know so do you so don’t
Walk away this time.

The moon is like a street light,
Slightly burnt out on the inside but
It goes on and on day and night while
It’s brown and wet outside and
The sky is seeping mist from its
Insides and out of its mouth and
Out of its mouth the
Mist shoots me down.

‘Cause I wasn’t built for happiness and
This isn’t helping the medication process there’s
A recess of sadness that fills my mind
Day and night and they say it’s
Medically and it’s on the inside they say that
It may last awhile and there’s
Nothing we can do except to wait it out, but
I really want to know…

Will you wade with me
Through the sea and will you
Hold my hand and
Drown with me?
Let’s walk out and hold out breathe.